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 Steve Contreras, aka Magik in the airbrush art world, started drawing at the age of 3 years.  His highly active imagination served as fuel to create his own world of dragons and castles and things in the night.  he sold his drawings in grade school to his classmates.  He drew super heros and monsters for a quarter a drawing.  He stared his comic book collection before he got into kindargarten.  By looking at comics he taught himself to draw by making his own comics. 

He majored in art in college and started his airbrush business.   His unique freehanded style set his work apart as his fans marveled the detail attained with the airbrush.   His work has been featured in national and international magazines since the early eighties.  Steve shot a low budget horror film in the early nineties which turned his interest to 3d animation. 

Steve started a animation studio with a good friend in the web design industry and then mereged with an international web design and networking company. He created animation and character design for several fortune 500 companies.  Lookin for a change he soon turned his attention to tattoo art.  For many years he created tattoo art for local tattoo artist in the eighties to present.  He created this website so that his many fans can now wear his art on thier skin.  Join the members area to be notified about new designs uploaded.  To learn more about airbrushing go to: airbrushing101.blogspot.com


                 AIRBRUSH ART OF MAGIK



 Airbrush Vampire rendered on silver base tank and fender. 

Airbrush Zombies on silver base and ghosted with candy apple red.

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